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Internet of Retail

Digitalizing Physical Retail with a Cutting-edge battery-less IoT tag

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The Technology to Drive the Future of Retail



Nexite is developing a connectivity platform, enabling to engage with physical items as if they were digital, empowering retail to become data-driven, frictionless and personalized.



Nexite's cutting-edge miniature tag can be embedded into the item and be read by any smartphone, creating a digital representation of each item from manufacturing to the customer’s home.



This tag is the ultimate link between online and offline commerce, creating a novel shopping experience and generating new and exciting engagement tools and revenue streams.


Digitalizing Retail

Automated In-Store Data

Up-to-the-minute live inventory, complete fitting room analytics, and real-time item location.

Mobile Self Checkout

Completely secured frictionless
self-checkout. Simply walk out the door, no security kiosk needed.

In-Store Engagement

Our IoT tags create connected items enabling a data-based personalized experience in the store.

Post-Sale Tools

Our battery-less tags have an unlimited shelf-life, creating a smart closet for the customer, enabling new engagement options and revenue streams at the customer's home.

Augmented Retil

Transforming Retail with Just One Tag

Our tag simplifies the store operation by providing a single tag that addresses all retail needs with no item damage. We create a digital representation for each item, streamlining supply chain and in-store allocation planing, automated
in-store analytics, security and self-checkout and post-sale customer engagement.
This tag provides the ultimate customer experience at the store, enabling personalized offers, inventory checks, recommendations & likes and other features based on real-time data. Once back at home, our connected items create smart closet, enabling innovative communication channels and a variety of
post-sale tools.
Using our platform, retailers and brands can create new revenue streams and engagement tools both at the store and in the customer's home, utilizing data-driven personalized suggestions, creating online/offline

Enriching Retail with IoT

Nexite's chip is a first-of-its kind battery-less beacon chip, with unlimited shelf life. Our smart energy harvester collects energy from multiple sources, driving various functionalities and use-cases. The chip's novel design reduces power consumption far below the current state-of-the-art in the industry. Our innovative system enables the use of miniature tags at the fraction of the current costs of similar tags.


Unlimited Shelf Life

Ultra Low Cost

Long Range

Miniature Size



Privacy Protection

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